Cancellation Policy

Ways and procedures for changing and canceling reservations made through the website:
Changing a reservation:
A reservation cannot be modify directly on the website.
A customer who has placed a reservation and wishes to change it, will do so by contacting the reservation department by e-mail: [email protected] or phone: +97246960267 extension 1
cancel reservation:
A customer who placed a reservation through the site will receive a username and password on the reservation confirmation he made.
Cancellation of the reservation will be possible from any home page through the category "my reservations" at the bottom of the home pages, the customer will be required to enter in the appropriate place a username (email address) and password received along with the reservation confirmation.
After entering a username and password, it will be possible to cancel the reservation using the "Cancel" button, provided that the reservation meets the cancellation conditions of the hotel.
Cancellation of the reservation is conditional on a cancellation policy defined in the regulations, attached: -
If the booking does not meet the cancellation policy, and the cancellation button does not appear in "my reservations" the booking  must be canceled by contacting the hotel reservations department by email: [email protected] or phone: +97246960267 extension 1
Ways to cancel:
  • by calling  the hotel reservations department at +97246960267 extension 1
  • By e-mail [email protected]
  • By fax at +97246960229
  • On our website - through the "my reservations "
  • For further questions, requests or inquiries, please leave a message in 'Contact Us' and we will get back to you soon or call our reservation department
               +97246960267 extension 1.