About Us

Merom Golan Tourism is the leading tourist operator in the Golan area. The company, owned by Kibutz Merom Golan, began it’s commercial activity in 1985 and has since been providing top-level touristic services to thousands of customers from Israel and abroad. The company’s main enterprise focuses on hosting and accommodation services in the tourist resort in Marom Golan Village. At the resort, guests can enjoy indulgent cabins, rooms and studio rooms, suitable for couples and families. 
An Abundance of Excitement and Entertainment 
For more than a decade the company has been implementing its strategic vision, focusing on enrichment and enhancement of its customers’ vacation experience: building new and improved recreational cabins, constructing a large, spacious lobby and a convenient, functional event hall, remodeling the rooms and mostly, creating a new and exciting environment with various leisure and entertainment services offered to our guests. 
A Feast for the Eyes and the Palate
Located adjacent to the Horse Ranch on the Kibutz, the recently renovated and extended “Habokrim Restaurant”. “Habokrim Restaurant” is kosher and offers flavorful, succulent meat dishes. Nearby, on the peak of Mount Bental and overlooking a marvelous view, guests can enjoy dairy dishes, courtesy of “Coffee Annan” coffee shop. Guests can also enjoy the coffee house’s unique intimate atmosphere in both private and business events and parties during the evening. 
Always a New Adventure Just Around the Corner
Merom Golan Tourism has cultivated a variety of attractions on the resort. The attractions are suitable for all ages and type of personality, and can turn the vacation experience into an exciting, unusual recreational getaway. Among our star attractions: ATV rides, Horse Riding, metal and wood sculpturing artists and, of course, the riveting, compelling guided tours with our professional, experienced tour-guides, who would be delighted to introduce guests to the unique natural sites in the area: Mount Bental, Mount Hermon, the Banias, Gilabon River and many other magical places.
Feel the Nature, Enjoy the View
Merom Golan Tourist Resort in located at the base of Mount Bental, rising up to 1,171 m. above sea-level. The evergreen mountain exhibits a breathtaking view and exudes a feeling of an ancient wonder. Guests of the Kibutz can enjoy a wide array of flora and fauna unique to the area, including Sequoia, Birch and Chestnut trees, as well as many other types and species of vegetation.

In accordance with its prominent position as one of the leading tourist companies in Israel, Merom Golan Tourism has set nature conservation at the heart of everything it does. From the northern-most Mount Hermon, through the natural and historical resources of the area preserving as well as maintaining our Jewish heritage down to Hamat Gader, located on the southern border of the area. 
A Glance into the Future
Merom Golan Tourism is fully committed to innovations and renewal, and continuously invests in new enterprises and fields of activities, maintaining the main purpose of improving and enhancing the recreational experience at the resort, turning it into a
full-service tourist company.

Merom Golan Resort Village – Breathing North
Merom Golan Resort Village that lies within the Bental Volcano’s crater is a touristic focal point in the north of the Golan Heights. The place’s unique nature creates a classic European atmosphere. Due to the special climate typical of places 1000 meters above sea level you can enjoy the abundance of spaces, the variety of nature reserves, parks and unique vegetation and flora throughout the seasons. The weather in Merom Golan creates unforgettable experiences, both in cool summer days, as well as in snowy winter days. 
An Ideal Northern Vacation for Families
Merom Golan Resort Village offers an ideal vacation for families: spacious, comfortable rooms, combined with a wide variety of attractions and activities within reach during the vacation. You can enjoy hiking in nature sites and reserves, watch wild animals and, according to season, bird’s flight, while fruit lovers can enjoy self-harvesting sweet cherries and berries during the spring. The Kibutz has a horse ranch with horseback riding options, a state of the art playground, ATV rides, an indoor swimming pool during the summer and activities for guests on holidays and during the summer. 
A Romantic Couples Retreat
A vacation in Merom Golan is also suitable for couples; the breathtaking view from the top of Bental Mountain, as well as in “Coffee Annan” coffeehouse residing at the very peak of the mountain, will enable you to enjoy yourselves, and spend your couples retreat careless and worry free. In the famous Habokrim Restaurant you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere and a luxurious meat menu. You can also tour a variety of wineries in the area. In addition, the nature surrounding the Kibutz, from the running streams to the thick forestry, turns your vacation into nothing less than perfect. 
A Plentiful Israeli Breakfast and Additional Surprises
Merom Golan’s dining room serves a delightful, flavorful breakfast every morning. In addition, hotel guests receive a discount in the Habokrim Restaurant and “Coffee Annan” Coffeehouse, as well as a variety of attractions in the Merom Golan Resort Village area. Remember to pack warm clothes throughout the year. Free of charge Wi-Fi connection.