North Attractions

In the Kibutz’s near surroundings you can enjoy an abundance of attractions offered by the northern area:

  • “Odem Mount” Boutique winery resides in Moshav Odem, nearby the Kibutz.

    For information call: 052-5220248.
     In addition, the “De Karina” chocolate factory in Ein Zivan offers a unique point of view on the process of chocolate production.
    For information call: 04-6993622.
    Elrom studios in the nearby Moshav Elrom present to you
    “The Film Experience” – a short movie describing the process ofmovie translating.
    For information call:  04-6838016.

  • In Katzerin Visitor Center

    You can find information regarding Ramat Hagolan wineries 04-6968435,
    the oil mill  04-6850023 and 
    “The Magic of the Golan” 04-6963625.
    The artist boulevard in the artist village Aniam is open on Saturdays as well,for information call:  054-5228130.
    The Hermon site is 25 minute by car away from the resort, and you can purchase reduced price tickets in the reception offices;
    for information call: 1-599-550-560 .

  • Cherries and Berries Self-Harvest

    Will bring a smile to any tourist call “Bustan Hagolan” in Ein Zivan
    for information : 050-7254912.
    or Sha’al: 052-4600465.

  • To enjoy nature for a different viewpoint kayaking routes for the entire family are offered at Abu Kayak’s in Jorden Park

    For information: 04-6921078.
    Kfar Bloom Kayaks, at: 04-6903388.
    “Dag al HaDan” Kayaks, at: 04-6950866.
    “Maayan Hagoshrim” Kayaks, at: 077-2717500.

  • Hikes in the Ravishing Nature of the area:

    For information regarding  a hike through Ha’ayalim Forest in Moshav Odem,call: 050-8723920 
    Yehudiya Reserve  04-6962817 
    and Hameshushim Pond  04-6820238 
    are both 30 minutes by car away from the Kibutz.
    For information regarding;
    Metzudat Nimrod National Park,call  04-6949277.
    In addition,
    the Banias River  04-6950272 and Gamla Reserve 04-6822282
    maintain the unique magic of the northern nature, and allow visitors to feel relaxed and care-free.