Golan Heights Attractions

ATV, Ranger and FXPRides

Along the gorgeous scenery of the Bental Mountain and the north of the Golan. All trips are accompanied by an experienced team of guides, and are intended for families, individuals and organized groups. All vehicles are insured and equipped with yellow license plates. Don’t let yourselves miss the ravishing view of the area!

Sunday - Thursday: 9.00 - 16.00
Friday: 9.00-14.00
Saturday / Holiday - closed

For information, call: 04-6960483 .


Jeep Trips

You can also enjoy a variety of Jeep Trips, with open or closed rooftop, in daylight or nighttime safari trips, including meeting wild animals. The dedicated, professional guides will be glad to give you an unforgettable experience along the magical view of the north of the Golan.
For information call:
Ilan Shulman – 052-8828480
Ilan Hadar – 052-2703451

Hiking with a Guide

Hiking with a Guide in the breathtaking nature in the north of Israel.
The variety of hikes is suited for organized groups as well as families and people with special needs. For heritage and art hikes call Tziona Yeshurun, at: 052-8514176 . For positive atmosphere hikes with loads of humorous fun, call Pinni Yaron, at: 050-8870066 . For adventurous moonlight hikes into Bental Volcano’s crater, call Doron Shamir, at: 052-6517744 .

Cherries and Berries Self-Harvest

Will bring a smile to any tourist call “Bustan Hagolan” in Ein Zivan
for information : 050-7254912 .
or Sha’al: 052-4600465 .

Abu Kayak’s in Jorden Park

For information: 04-6921078.
Kfar Bloom Kayaks, at: 04-6903388 .
“Dag al HaDan” Kayaks, at: 04-6950866 .
“Maayan Hagoshrim” Kayaks, at: 077-2717500 .

Hikes in the Ravishing Nature

For information regarding a hike through Ha’ayalim Forest in Moshav Odem,call: 050-8723920
Yehudiya Reserve 04-6962817
and Hameshushim Pond 04-6820238
are both 30 minutes by car away from the Kibutz.
For information regarding;
Metzudat Nimrod National Park,call 04-6949277 .
In addition,
the Banias River 04-6950272 and Gamla Reserve 04-6822282
maintain the unique magic of the northern nature, and allow visitors to feel relaxed and care-free.

The Habokrim Restaurant

The famous Habokrim Restaurant resides adjacent to the lobby. The restaurant is decorated in a western style, and specializes in a delicious, mouth watering kosher meat menu. We recommend you try the entrecote, the rack of lamb, or the beef stew. The Habokrim Restaurant also offers vegetarian meals and special meals for kids. The team of cooks uses nothing less than the finest materials to ensure a high quality dining experience for each and every diner. You can also enjoy a variety of Ramat Hagolan Winery wines offered in the restaurant.
The restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday, from 13.00 and until the last of the guests, on Friday from 12.00 to 14.00 with waiters serving the tables; We recommend you reserve seats in the restaurant ahead of time, at: 04-6960206 

Dining Room

Merom Golan dining room offer kosher meals for individuals and groups up to 300 guests.
The Dining Room is 25 minutes from Mount Hermon, and a few minutes from the self-picking fruit sites.
Merom Golan dining room specialize in various menus . Our Dining room has a kosher license.
Guests at the holiday resort are welcome to purchase a Friday night dinner, Details at the reception 04-6960267  .

“Coffee Annan” Coffee House

Near the IDF’s bunker, at the top of Bental Mount, resides the highest coffeehouse in Israel, at around 1,165 meter above sea level, “Coffee Annan”. The coffeehouse offers a breathtaking view, quality coffee and a relaxed atmosphere where you can stare a cloud straight in the eye. The all-dairy kitchen offers freshly baked goods, luxurious breakfasts, a variety of sandwiches, rich salads and a comprehensive soup bar during the winter months.
You can enjoy an event of up to 100 people in “Coffee Annan”, for all kinds of parties and gatherings. The coffeehouse is open every day between the hours 9.00-17.00, on Shabbat - 10.00-17.00. Hotel guests enjoy a 10% discount with hotel room key. For information and table bookings, call: 04-6820664 .
Under these circumstances, a wonderful chance to visit the charming “Yaffe Bakaffe” Shop, residing on Mount Bental as well. In the shop you can find Drorit Kaufman’s designer’s fleece clothes; Drorit’s designs can also be provided through the Kibutz’s sewing workshop, at: 050-5719987 . “Yaffe Bakaffe” shop is open every day between the hours 10.00-17.00.