Accessibility for guests with special needs

Merom Golan Resort Village
Executive director:Shefi Mor

The management and staff of Merom Golan Resort Village attribute great importance to the subject of accessibility for guests with special needs, and aspire to ensure the comfort of all their guests, including creating optimal conditions for people with disabilities, with easy and free movement, and equal and independent access to all the services of the resort village. The skilled and professional village staff will be happy to help with whatever may be required.

Below are details of the accessibility arrangements at Merom Golan Resort Village

Accessible parking at the front of the lobby and the conference hall, at a distance of 25 m along a level path with no steps.
Accessible public washrooms in the lobby.
The main entrance to the lobby is through a double wing door, each wing 85 cm wide.
Loop Hearaudio system at the reception desk.
Two studio rooms adapted for guests with special needs, with 90 cm wide entrance and bathroom doors, and room access without steps.
2 accessible parking spots at a distance of 20 m from the studio rooms for guests with special needs.
One accessible cabin, including shower equipped with hand grip, and 90 cm wide doors.Access to the cabin is without steps, and there is an accessible parking spot at a distance of 7 m.
The light switches and electric outlets in the rooms are at an appropriate height.
The swimming pool has accessible parking at a distance of 10 m, an elevator for people with disabilities to get in and out of the water, washrooms for people with disabilities, and a marking line for people with impaired vision.
The Habokrim Restaurant has washrooms adapted for guests with special needs, and access without stairs, including accessible parking.
The dining room has accessible washroom facilities, an elevator from the ground floor to the dining room floor.

Guests with special needs are requested to enquire about the availability of accessible rooms in advance, when making the reservation, as well as about the relevant accessories.
For any questions, clarifications or special requests, please contact the reception or reservations department.
By telephone: 04-6960267, or email:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Wishing you a pleasant stay