Free to be VIP Join Merom Golan Tourism’s members’ club now and receive exclusive benefits and discounts on your next vacation! Our members’ club registration is FREE OF CHARGE! Members’ benefits given throughout the entire year: Special discounts on outdoor activities At Kibbutz Merom Golan: Horseback riding, ATVs and dune buggies.
10% OFF the resort’s listed rate
Birthday bonus 15% OFF listed rate PLUS a gift in the room ( ID required)
A sweet surprise and bottled waterawait you in your room upon arrival
10% discount at cafe "Coffee Annan" (off the menu)
General terms: 
Club members’ guests shall be entitled to receive club benefits only when booking via the website or at the resort booking center.
Club members’ guests will not be entitled to receive club benefits when booking using accommodation packages offered by other companies or deals.
The Birthday Bonus will not be redeemable along with special promotions or accommodation packages.
A manual application form does not constitute a membership approval, until it has been entered into the club’s database.
Guests, who sign up during their stay at the resort, will be entitled to redeem the gifts and benefits entitled to club members upon their next stay.
Merom Golan Tourism reserves the right to modify or cancel benefits at its discretion, without prior notice.
By joining the members’ club, you agree to receive promotional materials, including benefits and campaigns via email, text message etc

Explanations of Service:
  • The 10% discount on holiday booking does not apply to special promotions published in current media or direct mailing which clearly state “no double discounts”.
  • The 10% discount at “Ha’Bokrim” restaurant and cafe "Coffee Annan" is valid only to items appearing on the menu.
  • Birthday Bonus - 15% discount on booking and a birthday gift - does not apply to special promotions or accommodation packages. This benefit can be used by a club member throughout their birth month only. May only be utilized only once a year. When booking, please note “Birthday Bonus” in the comments section. This bonus is non-transferable.